The AME University would like to inform its students that the Accelerated Online Program (AOP) will officially commence Tuesday, July 28, 2020. This comes in the wake of the University’s quest to live up to the spirit of the online learning program mantra: “Leave No One Behind” under the auspices of the “Each One Reach One, Each One Teach One” ethos.
In this vein, the following were adopted:

  1. Criteria for Participation:

All students who did not participate or did not complete the Second Semester of AY2019/2020 will be allowed to participate in the Accelerated Online Classes at no cost to them.
Senior students who fall in Category C (with no more than two deficiencies) may clear those deficiencies as long as those courses are offered as part of the Accelerated Online Program. These students will register those courses and pay as they normally do. (See our Website, Face Book Page, Office of Finance and Office of Admissions for fees associated with this).


• Thesis defense for Graduate Students is extended by two weeks to enable students who had challenges in completing their work, complete same and be ready for graduation.

Issuance of Academic Clearances

The first batch of Academic Clearances will be issued from the 28th of July, 2020. Each student will receive their clearance via email so that they need not come on campus for this purpose.

B. 20th Commencement Ceremony

The 20th Commencement Ceremony will be VIRTUAL.

• The tentative date for the Ceremony is September 23, 2020 to ensure that no student is left behind.
• The Fees for this year’s graduation is USD$185.00

C. General Registration

• Registration for the Academic Year 2020/21 will be announced after due consultations with the Ministry of Education.  All other activities including the administration of entrance exams remain on hold.
Students are encouraged to regularly visit the University’s website http://www.ame.edu.lr/ and Facebook page https://web.facebook.com/AME-University-360403407696151 or contact 0776788690/ 0776788697 for information.

Thanks the Administration of AMEU!!

ACCELERATED ONLINE PROGRAM-- PAYING STUDENTS ONLY, please follow the below steps to register:

1. To access the AMEU Online System please use the below URL:

2. Enter Your Student ID in the student ID text box and enter the same (Student ID) in
the password text box.

3. Then Click on the “Login” button

4. A new screen will appear requesting you to create a new password.
▪ Enter your password desired in the New password text box
▪ Enter the same password in the Confirm password text box to confirm your
▪ Enter your email address in the Email Address text box
▪ Click the Register button to register information entered.

Registration Procedure

To begin your registration process:

1. Click on the "Billing" label in the menu panel located at the left side of the screen
A new screen will appear

2. Select your desired course(s) by checking the box in the Select column of the available

3. Click on the Generate Bill button to generate your bill.

4. Print bill and Proceed to the International Bank Liberia (IBL) to make required payment.
Note: Make sure that your ID number and full name are indicated in the narration of the deposit slip.

5. Wait for at least 24 hours for payment to be processed

6. Once your payment is being processed, Click on the "Registration Complete" label in the
menu located at the left side of the screen.

7. Select your desired section from the available sections of your registered courses and click on the registration complete button to complete registration.

If after going through these steps and you are unable to complete your registration, please contact 0776778690/ 0776778697.

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