AMEU values academic excellence. We seek knowledge and understanding through open, energetic, and creative freedom. Because we believe that all truth is open to human inquiry, AMEU supports academic programs, within and across disciplines, which encourage the vigorous and open pursuit of truth by all means of scholarship. We will continue to expand academic programs and research that add to the sum of human knowledge and that apply knowledge to the technological, scientific, and cultural advancement of society.

What Distinguishes US from Others

 It is also AMEU’s belief that individuals have moral and ethical obligations to their communities. We, therefore, support academic programs that recognize the importance of human institutions, promote an understanding of responsive participation in economic and social systems, foster citizenship, enhance community, and encourage service.


AMEU values integrity. Integrity must be inherent in all of our endeavors; otherwise, all other values lose their power for transformation and for truth, honesty, transparency and wholeness. Therefore, the university seeks to develop the “whole person”—mind, body, and soul.


AMEU values stewardship. The University invests its tangible and intangible resources prudently. These include financial assets, physical resources, man-made and natural environments. We direct funds and services to their intended purposes.


AMEU values diversity. The opinions, ideas, ideals, aspirations, inspirations, cultures, and perspectives are respected and acknowledged. We hone the dedication of faculty, staff and students to their work at AMEU, and we evaluate them fairly. We welcome visitors, guests, partnerships, and participation in programs at AMEU.


AMEU values liberty. We value the right of every human being to maximize his/her potential, enjoy freedom, and respect. The principles of religious, economic, social, intellectual, and political freedom are the ideals that we cherish, and we seek to uphold and strengthen those principles.