Most in the academic community know that research matters more than anything else in defining what a great university is. Companies, organizations and governments rely on research for policies and decision-making; that’s why successful governments around the world provide research grants to universities in examining issues, products and services.

The AME University President’s Lecture Series is a distinct marketplace for great ideas to be shared; it features captivating personalities to share their knowledge, experience, opinions and accomplishments. Recent speakers of the President’s Lecture Series are:

  • Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever, Founder of Exceptional Leadership Institute
  • H.E. Nathaniel Barnes, former Liberian Ambassador to the UN, and the United States
  • H.E. Deborah Malac, former US Ambassador to Liberia
  • H.E. Vanapalan P. Moodley, Republic of South Africa Ambassador to Liberia

The Lecture Series owe its first objective to excellence in academia, where scholars can reach out to other scholars and students across the intellectual community, where subject matter experts can discuss a range of topics with benefit to the University and the larger community, where university faculty can learn about the work of their colleagues in other disciplines, and share their own research and experience with the community of scholars.

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