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The Lions Club Computer Institute for the Blind

The Lions Club Computer Institute for the Blind (LICCIB)

The Lions Club Computer Institute for the Blind LICCIB was established in April, 2014, for the sole purpose of integrating, educating visually impaired students in the Republic of Liberia, who are high school graduates and above, specifically in to computer science and technology.

Motto: Preparing the visually impaired for the job market. Changing the dark corner of blindness in to a brighter world.

Since our existence for the period of four years, we’ve graduated up to twenty-three students (five females and eighteen males). 55% of our graduates are currently employed in to government and private sectors.

Our office staff are as follows: LICCIB is made out of eight office staff.
Four employed and four volunteers. They include:

  • Mr. Roland L. Giddings, Liaison for the Greater Monrovia Lions Club and LICCIB
  • Mrs. Angie B. Cooper, Coordinator of BCEC of AMEU to LICCIB
  • Rev. Z. Wilfred Gewon, Manager, LICCIB
  • Jeff E. Tarnue, Software Engineer and Deputy Manager
  • Michael L. Weah, Practical Instructor
  • Chrismuriah T. Torbor, Theory Instructor
  • Christine Y. Gittens, Secretary
  • Decontee I. Morris, Office Assistance

Academic Year 2018-2019, LICCIB First Semester began on the October 8, 2018 and second semester on the January 7, 2019. We currently have eight visually impaired students at the LICCIB (three females and five males).

Classes are 10:00AM-1:00PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Courses Offered:

Introduction to computer from October to December, 2018.

Listening and Comprehension of Job Access with Speech (JAWS) screen reader for the blind: the first two weeks in January

Desktop Publishing: Document editing and design including all office programs February to March, 2019

Internet Explorer: April to May, 2019.

We also offer Braille Technology Training for every graduate of our institution, which is an after graduate course. We also provide braille translation for blind students who are in high school and universities around Liberia.

Graduation: June 2019

Please see below list of students for this term.


  • Patience Y. Johnson Duonah      
  • Vicencia Mature                              
  • Bowen Pewee
  • Grace Love Dossen
  • Lawrence A. Dukuly
  • Emmanuel Yanpai                           
  • Benjamin Y W Gibson
  • Anthony P. Wuo