African Methodist Episcopal University

Student Services

The Division of Student Services serves as a liaison between the Administration of the University and the students. It supervises student organizations and plans extracurricular activities for students as well as provides mentorship and counseling to students. It carries out routine services including ID card provision to the University community, student elections, etc.

> Major Activities: Freshman Debut, Election of Student Officers, Miss AMBU Pageant, Debate and Sports Tournament, and all student events including fundraisers

>All student organizations must register with this Office with all their activities guided by the Student Handbook

> Approves students inviting dignitaries to the campus in consultation with the VPASS and the President

> Ensures adherence to the University Rules and Regulations

> Settles/arbitrates student disputes, complaints, or concerns. Unresolved issues are brought to the attention of the VPASS and may be escalated to the President

> Compiles the list of Internal Scholarship Recipients for vetting and approval by the VPASS before being sent to the President. Works closely with the Finance Office and Admissions to complete the Recipients registration.