Mr. Jonathan B. Jillah is an Internal Auditor in Rhode Island, USA. He works for the State in the Department of Administration, the Division of Management and Budget. He earlier worked for the Rhode Island Department of Revenue, Division of Taxation as a Revenue Officer. He is a hardworking family man and very dedicated to his passion. Mr. Jillah is a product of Johnson & Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island. He holds a Master of Science in Finance (MSF) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting.

Mr. Jonathan B Jillah is an alumnus of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), the institution he holds near and dear to his heart. He was born and raised in Liberia, precisely Caldwell, Taylor E. Mayor Compound in Monsterrado County, lived in New Matadi for a while and fled Liberia when the Civil War entered Monrovia. Mr. Jillah lived in exile for all of his teenage life with his single mother and siblings. He graduated high school from Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA), in Danane, Ivory Coast.

After a protracted period of our country’s crisis. Mr. Jillah returned home from the diaspora, Ghana to be precise on the 27th of November 2004. His return was full of emotions and a complete disconnect from the place he called home, but God guided him through it all. Jonathan reestablished in his Dad’s house in the Fanti Town area of New Matadi and matriculated at the AMEU in 2006.While in College Mr. Jillah worked at the House of Representatives, Capitol Building for six years. He graduated from AMEU in November of 2010. After graduation Mr. Jillah worked at the Ministry of Internal Affairs on a UNDP Project named Liberia Decentralization and Local Development (LDLD) as a Management Trainee for a year. While there Mr. Jillah enrolled at the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) career training program and obtained two graduate certificates in Public Financial Management & Budgeting and Internal Auditing & Controls. Mr. Jonathan B Jillah also worked for the then Ministry of Finance in the Department of Revenue as a Financial Analyst.

In July of 2013, Mr. Jonathan B. Jillah and his beautiful wife, a former student of AMEU moved to the USA and have since been living in the Ocean State since. Mr. Jillah is married and his union is blessed with a set of twins (a boy & a girl).

Mr. Jillah is a Member of AMEU Alumni Association in the Americas and serves as its Financial Secretary.

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