Message from our President

At AME University, we often speak of the “…Pursuit of Excellence”; but what does it mean, and what does it require of us as students, faculty, staff and administrators? We define excellence as the degree of “care” that goes into everything we do to yield quality results of distinction.

Our activities are rooted in Learning First; that means our actions are “learner-focused”; and the faculty, staff and administrators are all creators of a conducive and vibrant learning environment; and all university employees are required to contribute to making and maintaining a “learner-centered” university.

As an innovative institution, AMEU must become an intellectual hub, and an engine of growth for Liberia. The University must be to Liberia what MIT and Harvard are to Massachusetts and the United States, that’s how we plan to pursue excellence.

Since its founding in 1995, AME University has achieved a great deal for the people of Liberia. From its inception, the University's mission has been to help shape the minds of individuals to help them realize their potentials, and serve the society at large - this remains our essential purpose today. The University is committed to providing service through innovative education, research, and community engagement.

We believe that students have both “rights and responsibilities”; and we take the assurance of those rights very seriously for every member of the University community; and, we expect each student to fulfill his or her responsibilities as well. The University has committed itself to ensuring that students receive a “complete learning experience” which includes an exciting blend of student life and campus activities such as intercollegiate sports, university choir, civic and social activities, our award winning debate club, and much more. Our students are encouraged to be more than spectators; they are given confidence to take full advantage of the opportunities at the University, and to discover that AMEU is a wonderful place to learn, and have fun.

You will find that the University website provides a wealth of information about our vision, mission and strategic priorities; our innovative educational programs, cutting-edge learning initiatives, and great students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and partners who make up the AMEU community.

Whether you join us from across the campus in Monrovia, or across the oceans of the world, I hope you enjoy your visit to the website, and that you find the information you seek.

Thanks for the visit,

Joseph T. Isaac - President

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