The conduct of strategic planning at AMEU is a process that occurs each fiscal year in July or August, in redrafting the University’s academic future; thus, the plan is entitled Academic Strategy. The University’s strategic plan is a decision-making tool intended to operationalize the University mission. As a policy instrument, the strategic plan is a guide for administrators to solicit ideas from faculty, staff and students; and to provide the context for discussions, consolidation, adoption and implementation of ideas.

The first phase of strategic planning occurs every three years, when stakeholders gather at one of the annual planning retreats to deliberate on the University’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT); and to adopt strategies on how to leverage each element of the SWOT. At the triennial planning retreat, the University develops it three-year Academic Strategy, which is subsequently adopted by the University Council for implementation, and forwarded to the Board of Trustees along with a report on accomplishments from the previous three years.

This 2016-2019 Academic Strategy has been structured around six fundamental operational themes: Student Success, Infrastructure, Teaching and Learning, Technology, Research and Community Service, and Innovation. The Plan was developed to provide supporting orders for divisions, colleges and departments in crafting their own annual goals. The plan emphasizes our commitment to the “pursuit of excellence” in teaching, learning, scholarship and service; and serves as a driving force for how we develop initiatives to advance AME University.

Click PDF below for 2016-2019 Academic Strategy


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