The Center of Institutional Research & Innovations is African Methodist Episcopal University’s source of information sharing. The image of the University is enhanced locally, nationally, and globally through its flow of accurate information, levels of management that define institutional issues and trends, etc. and its implementation of research designs specified for these purposes.

The Center provides reliable data, policy review/analysis, University-wide organizational reviews, and strategic management tools to aid in decision making at AMEU, and assists faculty with tools and techniques of research.  It is an integral part of the Division of Academic Support Services. The objectives of the Center are:

  1. To formulate and document a well-grounded fundamental investigation/survey;
  2. To participate in various studies/projects that will affect the University and its constituents;
  3. To respond to various internal/external surveys, publications and institutional based studies;
  4. To collect, analyze and interpret relevant data for academic planning, such as students’ socio-demographic information, enrollment and graduation rates, other relevant areas of student matriculation, class size for departments, student-faculty ratios, average student credit hours, faculty information, instructional costs and characteristics to be used in academic program review, etc.;
  5. To provide data for effective decisions;
  6. To organize and offer special training to staff and students, based on the needs at various departments of the university;
  7. To engage in innovative, problem-solving exercises (and projects) for the university’s image boost;
  8. Research/Research Publications; 
  9. Conduction of faculty evaluation and quality assurance; and
  10. To provide support to other departments, as may be required.


Link to AMEU's research database on Google Scholar:


Staff members of AMEU Research Center for Innovations:

  1. Prof. Adeyinka O.  Adepoju.

Associate Vice President for Institutional Research and Innovations

  1. Mr. Abraham Julian Wennah

Research Assistant

  1. Mrs. Lusu Zomah-Kamara

Administrative Assistant


We believe in Kurt Lewin's quote

“No research without action, no action without research”