Academic Affairs |:| Faculty Senate

With the aim of creating a forum for faculty, students, and academic supervisors to collaborate and more effectively partake in the governance activities of the institution; to uphold the faculty’s fundamental role in academic decisions; to guarantee the implementation and preservation of academic standards; and to promote faculty and students’ welfare.

The purpose of the Senate is to deliberate, advise, and make recommendations to the President on academic matters and to help create and maintain a conducive academic environment.


Advise and make recommendations to the President for the formulation of policies and decisions regarding University development and welfare. This includes policies on the appointment, retention, promotion, and tenure of faculty; the appointment of administrative and academic officers; faculty duties and rights; the establishment or dissolution of colleges, schools, departments, centers and institutes, and degree programs; the merger or separation of colleges and/or schools; student responsibilities and discipline; the setting of fund-raising priorities for development and academics; the formulation of priorities and review of the annual operating budget of the University; the development and expansion of the campus; and the expression of University views on matters of public concern.


Formulate guidelines directly pertaining to academic matters such as the establishment or dissolution of all colleges, schools, departments, or any entity which offers courses and degrees, or any change in mode or venue of offering courses and degrees, and the establishment or dissolution of all degree programs; curriculum; admission standards; scholastic standards; examination and testing programs; the award of student honors; and the approval of candidates for earned degrees. Such guidelines are subject to final approval by the President.


In order to exercise these responsibilities, the organization of the Senate and the rules of procedure are herein established.