Vacation Bridge Program

The Vacation Bridge Program is based on the idea that the continuation of essential learning through the creation of educational programs will build and prepare individuals for the demands of a rapidly changing society. It is our ultimate goal to supply each Bridge student with a learning experience that will make them self-sufficient mentally, physically, socially, and morally.


Over five years ago, AME University conceptualized this vision of the Vacation Bridge program. The program prepares and transitions Twelfth-Graders from High School to college through standardized educational courses and life teaching skills. The program provides opportunities for participants to interact with motivational speakers that drive their ambitions for a productive life in society. Also, it intends to instill a sense of community ownership among its participants through the implementation of community service project (s). The program in every cohort invites guest speakers/lecturers from the private sector, government, INGO, educators, Youth Leader/role models with accomplished credentials.

Upon successful completion, students will have automatic entry into the university provided all required admission documents are submitted. The program recruits some of the best Liberian youth in the twelfth grade and mentors and develops them towards understanding career options needed in our developing nation.



Program Scope

The students are drawn from more than twenty-five public and private High Schools in Monserrado County including Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS). These students totaling sixty (60) are recruited through a merit-based process every year. There is no cost to the students as the program covers T-shirts, Lunch, Transportation, and Community service project fund. The program’s commencement for every academic year.


Program Q & A

How does it begin?

In 2014, AME University conceptualized the vision of preparing high school graduating seniors to the University, and the vision was transformed into the Vacation Bridge Program. The substance of the program is rooted in transitioning twelfth-grade students from high school to college through standardized educational activities such as English and Math courses, Life Teaching skills, Time Management, Leadership, Study Tech(APS), and Community Service.


How can I participate?

¨ Be a current twelfth-grade student

¨ Have an interest in attending AMEU

¨ Be an 80 % and above-average student

¨ Fill out the program Application and complete the recruitment process.

¨ Is there a fee for the program?

¨ No!

¨ Students will receive T-shirts, lunch (snacks), and transportation

When will the Program Begin?


What will I benefit if I attend?


¨ Expanded network of friends and professionals

¨ Learn how to manage time

¨ Will learn how to set and pursue  goals

¨ Know how to take college lecture notes and plan classes

¨ Develop understanding on choosing a career

¨ Receive automatic acceptance to AMEU  without taking  an entrance exam