General Education Requirements

The University is committed to the principle that there are certain kinds of educational experiences that should be the common possession of all university students regardless of their professional goals. Therefore, all degree programs include a general education requirement of 43-49 credit hours, depending on the major. The general education requirement lays the foundation for the degree program. It expands students’ skills in communication arts, math, humanities, social sciences, sciences, and liberal arts—all subject areas that can help enrich their personal and professional lives.

By understanding the value of completing these courses it will build up students’ skills in several key areas that will set them apart as educated persons and with their employers. These are significant skills that all students pursuing a Baccalaureate Degree should have.

Critical Thinking Skills – The ability to evaluate a problem with the information given and determine an appropriate course of action.

Written and Oral Communication Skills – The ability to convey information effectively to others.

Problem Solving Skills – Being able to identify problems and determine appropriate solutions.

Global Awareness – A proper amount of knowledge of global issues, cultures, and perspectives.