Bryant College of theological Seminary

Mission: The mission of the Bryant Theological Seminary is to train and equip servant-leaders for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, building up of the body of Christ, and partnering with God for active service and ministries within the church, society and the world.

Vision: The vision of the Bryant Theological Seminary is to raise and transform a new generation of Christian leaders for mission, witness, discipleship, leadership, and ministry within the local church, society and the world.

Departments of the College: The Bryant Theological Seminary is comprised of three unique programs. They include the departments of Theology, Christian Education, and Counseling.


Statement of Assessment and Student Learning: The Bryant Theological Seminary consists of ten divisions of the degree program namely:

Biblical Studies: To prepare students to demonstrate their understanding of the content, context, culture, general historical background, and development of the Bible.

Christian Historical studies: To give students the knowledge and skills they need to express the ways they understand, relate to, and identify with the Christian Church in its struggles and progress.

Theology and Ethical studies: To prepare students to understand and express the content of their faith in an orderly and rational manner that is consistent with the teachings of Scripture and the Church.

Pastoral Studies: To prepare students to describe the biblical basis for and to demonstrate skills in evangelism, biblical interpretation, public worship, preaching and pastoral care and Christian living.


Christian Education: To give students the knowledge and skills needed to plan and administer a program of Christian educational ministry for a local church with the aim of nurturing, disciplining, building character, and equipping church members for service within the church, community, nation and the world.


General Education: To prepare students to demonstrate the skills needed to adequately teach at the elementary and secondary levels in a minor which reflects an understanding of the scientific and historical developments in education. 


Liberal Arts: To provide students with the basic knowledge and skills in supporting disciplines which will undergird and enhance learning experiences at the seminary and enable students to become more effective their area of practice.


School and Guidance Counseling: To prepare students who will be involved in the educational sector especially in the elementary, secondary, vocational, technical and tertiary institutions. Assisting people with making career choices, setting goals, preparing for job interviews, developing resume among others.

Pastoral Care Counseling: To provide counseling skills for students involved in pastoral ministries in the local churches especially dealing with young people, children, women and older adults with various issues of the family, marriage, community and societal living.


Psycho-socio Counseling: To prepare and provide students with skills and capacities to deal with people experiencing issues of trauma, anger, stress management and conflict prevention, mediation, resolution and transformation. Issues dealing with peace, non-violence, tolerance and reconciliation will be major themes for students focusing on this track.


Rev. Dr. Jacob Meiporkoyah
D.M, MA, B.Th., & AA-Cross Cultural Missions

Chairperson Department of Theology

It is a great honor to be a part of this suspicious university, especially the Bryant Theological Seminary. I thank God for his faithfulness over the years as this department continues to mold the life of future leaders of the churches and nation. The department of theology is the firebrand of the university that is not just equipping men and women who are called to ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ , but it is also keeping alive the morals and ethical standards of the university by molding the lives of students as they are being prepared for future leadership. The department has over the years sent out several graduates who are serving in various capacities within the church and the nation at large.  More importantly, we get to acquainted with the queen of sciences as we pave our way to eternity. We have no doubt that the college will continue to influence the lives of incoming leaders not just for our churches but the nation as well.  We bless the lord for the grace to serve, Amen.