Manning College of Business and Public Administration

Mission: The mission of the College of Business & Public Administration is to prepare students to seek quality and first hand exposure to the best business practices, synthesizing theory and practice in the classroom and improving faculty performance as educator through research.  The College delivers high quality education that graduates leaders who impact the world. The College stresses excellence in teaching through innovative opportunities, conducive learning environment, caring faculty and interactive focus. It also measures students’ learning outcomes and faculty teaching to ensure continuous improvement and positive impact of its programs.


Vision: The vision of the College is to be recognized as a leader in producing qualified and competent future leaders, developing business talent and ideas thus creating growth and opportunity in Liberia and globally. The graduate of the AMEU College of Business and Public Administration will be recognized by our stakeholders as potential employees and entrepreneurs with systematic self-reflection and development skills as the foundation for life-long learning and professional effectiveness.



The goals of the College of Business and Public Administration are:

  1. To recruit, develop and retain highly qualified and experienced faculty;
  2. To develop and implement new strategies to increase students’ enrollment;
  3. To provide students with a clear set of ethical and professional behavior expectations through a curriculum that exposes students to meaningful real world applications by imparting the imperative for life-long learning.
  4. To forge partnerships that enables us as business educators to maintain our scholarship and understanding of leading-edge organizational practices.
  5. To provide settings, situations, and experiences for our students to be competent in critical thinking and self-reflection, team building, leadership, and professional communication skills.
  6. To provide opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership talents by taking bold initiatives and assuming responsibility for job performance.
  7. To maintain and develop current and responsive curriculum that prepares students for the global business environment.
  8. To provide intellectual and professional development for students with knowledge that gives them the skills and competencies required to pursue business careers and advanced graduate studies.
  9. To instill in students the desire and ability to master abstract business concepts, principles, theories, and models and apply them toward solving real-world organization problems.

This program is required to help Liberians and foreign students who meet the Admissions requirements. The College of Business offers four (4) undergraduate academic degree programs for students who wish to pursue professional undergraduate education in Business, Management, Accounting, Economics and Public Administration.

A candidate for the Bachelor’s Degree should complete a major in one field of study. Majors Degrees offered are in Management BBA, Accounting BBA, Economics B.Sc., and Public Administration BPA. A candidate is also required to complete a minor.


Manning College of Business and Public Administration