International Relations

AME University launched its graduate school as an accredited Master’s degree provider in Liberia in October 2017. Instruction is conducted in a modern graduate school building that was completed in September 2018 and became operational in the subsequent month.

The school provides an intense and accelerated graduate level education in three programs including: business administration, theological studies, and international relations. The Executive MBA program has a duration of 15 months (one year of instruction and three months for thesis). It comprises two tracks: (a) Corporate and Public Finance and (b) Procurement and supply Chain Management. The Theological Studies program offers one of its three tracks, Divinity, over a two-year period. Last, but not least, is the International Relations program which is made up of two major tracks: Foreign Service Leadership and International Development with a duration of 15 months.



The Masters of Arts Program in International Relations seeks to prepare students to become effective professionals and leaders in national and international institutions while upholding the highest intellectual and ethical standards; dedication to public service and international cooperation; and understanding among people.

rs, entrepreneurs, clergy, and diplomats while they maintain their professional and personal responsibilities.



To be admitted into the graduate program, candidates must satisfy the University requirements for Admission and have passed the Graduate Admissions Examination in quantitative, verbal and written essay.