Executive MBA

AME University launched its graduate school as an accredited Master’s degree provider in Liberia in October 2017. Instruction is conducted in a modern graduate school building that was completed in September 2018 and became operational in the subsequent month.

The school provides an intense and accelerated graduate level education in three programs including: business administration, theological studies, and international relations. The Executive MBA program has a duration of 15 months (one year of instruction and three months for thesis). It comprises two tracks: (a) Corporate and Public Finance and (b) Procurement and supply Chain Management. The Theological Studies program offers one of its three tracks, Divinity, over a two-year period. Last, but not least, is the International Relations program which is made up of two major tracks: Foreign Service Leadership and International Development with a duration of 15 months.


MBA Executive programs are designed for full-time employees of organizations or owners of businesses who have a significant investment in their careers and who cannot afford to give up their full-time jobs. Rather than pursuing a traditional MBA degree on a part-time basis, these professional can complete an Executive MBA program while continuing their full-time employment.

MISSION: The school is to develop middle and senior level managers, entrepreneurs, clergy, and diplomats while they maintain their professional and personal responsibilities.



To be admitted into the graduate program, candidates must satisfy the University requirements for Admission and have passed the Graduate Admissions Examination in quantitative, verbal and written essay.



Professor Augustine Konneh, PhD
Masters and PhD in History, African Studies and Political Science

Professor Augustine Konneh, Ph.D. is a Fulbright scholar, currently the Dean of the  Graduate School at the African Methodist Episcopal University in Monrovia, Liberia. He holds an Undergraduate Degree from Cuttington University, Suacoco, Bong County (1986) and a Masters and Ph.D. in History, African Studies, and Political Science from Indiana University in Bloomington, where he studied from 1987 – 1992. Before coming to his present position as Dean, he served as Director-General of the Foreign Service Institute of Liberia (2009 – 2017), he was also a professor and chair of History at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia USA from 1998 – 2008.

His research interests are in the areas of the Economic History of Liberia, Peace and Conflict studies, foreign policy, regional and global governance, and development studies.

Dr. Konneh has authored many articles in Journals and has written books and contributed articles to books by some other authors. Including, “The National Elections Commission, The Supreme Court and Dispute Resolution in the 2017 Liberian Presidential Election.” Liberian Studies Journal (LSJ)., Vol. 43, No1 & 2, pp. 58 – 75 2018/2020;  “Multi-Party Democracy in Liberia: The Historical, Cultural and Social factors that explain the nature of political competition.” LSJ., Vol., 36, No. 2, pp. 29 – 71, 2011/2019;  “Ethnicity and Political Stability in Liberia in the Twenty-First Century: Issues and Perspectives, George Kieh, jr, Editor, Chapt. 3, 2019.  He is currently working with others on a book on the “Comprehensive History of Liberia” as well as on the “Compendium of the Presidencies of the Republic of Liberia (The Lone Star). He is a member of many scholarly and professional organizations including the Liberian Studies Association (LSA), African Studies Association (ASA), Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History (ASALH), Georgia Association of Historians (GAH), Southern Conference on Afro-American Studies, Inc (SCAS), National Honors Society (NHS), Phi Beta Kappa, Delta of Georgia (PBK).

Dr. Konneh is the recipient of many awards including Fulbright, Rockefeller, “Who is Who” Among American teachers, Who is Who Among African Scholars, and the Ford Foundation.        

He is the Chair of the National History Project mandated to re-write the history of Liberia.