Goals and Objectives: The Department of Theology seeks to equip men and women called to the Christian Ministry with knowledge and skills for effective practice of Christian Ministry within and out of the local church in Liberia, Africa and the world. It is intended as a first-level professional degree for those desiring to enter full-time pastoral ministry and church servant leadership.

A graduate with the degree of Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) is expected to demonstrate:

  1. An ability to articulate the gospel message and his/her personal experience with Jesus Christ.
  2. Satisfactory knowledge of Biblical studies, Theology, Christian Ministry, Personal Ministries, and selected Liberal Arts disciplines.
  3. An understanding of human relations in group behavior.
  4. Satisfactory practical skills in preaching, conducting Christian worship, and teaching in church setting, personal witnessing, church administration and pastoral care.
  5. And model evidence of effective living as a Christian citizen and community leader.


Requirement for a Degree In Theology   Total Credit Hours - 138.


  1. General Education Credit Hours 47
  2. College Requirement Credit Hours                          19
  3. Core Requirement Credit Hours                               45
  4. Electives Total Credit Hours                                     9
  5. Minor Credit Hours                                                 18


  1. General Education Requirement Total Credits Hours – 47
  2. College Requirement (Theological Seminary) Total Cr. Hours -19