This Department provides leadership, support, and services to attract, enroll and retain talented and diverse students to the University. It continues to collaborate with individuals on campus through comprehensive and coordinated efforts and explores various communities to recruit and orient a diverse group of talented students. The department Provide leadership, oversight for all student recruitment activities; including, community Outreach, and high school visits in collaboration with appropriate deans and department chairs.

Implement promotion programs to include media campaigns, marketing to high schools, especially those with low enrolment; Plan and execute Freshman Orientation, Plan and execute Open House and Campus Tours with selected high schools. It also coordinates the Vacation Bridge Program which runs for a month from July to August (see Academic Schedule) for about 50-60 high performing twelve graders. The department is responsible for marketing all university academic programs.

Manages the affairs of the International students

The International Students Director (ISD) office Centralizes and handles international students’ activities at the African Methodist Episcopal University.

This department Inform and advice the University community about the different international programs available within the scope of higher education. It handles acceptance of foreign exchange students, prepare Guide for Foreign Students, and send information about the University: campus, reception, visas, travel, and search for accommodation, registration, and study possibilities. The department provide A.M.E University faculty with information on international students’ exchange and cooperation programs. Insure international student’s admission as well as coordination, management and handling of the several university access processes are in accordance with standard policies. Looks after any enrollment incidences such as modifications, annulments, refund of fees, information and advice.

Open House


The purpose of the program is to introduce prospective college students to the many academic options and opportunities available at AME University. AME University grants Bachelor of Arts degrees within five colleges: the Bryant Theological Seminary, the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, the College of Business & Public Administration, the College of Education and the College of Science & Allied Health.


In addition to our academic disciplines, once enrolled at the AME University, students may access our many extra-curricular activities including Athletics, the Debate Team, the Cultural and Performing Arts program, the Choir and the Jazz Ensemble.  In their senior year, honor students at AMEU may be eligible to become scholars in the Coca-Cola Institute for Innovation at AMEU, whose three pillars are research, professional mentoring and critical thinking. Some scholarships are available for qualified individuals based on merit.


In the meantime, if you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of the Unit.


Campus Tour

AME University Campus Tour is part of the University outreach activities to build passion in students to pursue college education. This tour focus on High School senior division by inviting students to tour the University campus and interact with faculty from various fields of studies and climax with an interactive session where high school seniors are exposed AME University culture of excellence, they tour our science laboratories, resource center and other campus facilities that show students campus life and programs that are available to them as well scholarship opportunities.